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TMJD (Temporo-mandibular Joint Dysfunction) is pain, clicking, tension, weakness, or abnormal forces at and around the jaw. Many people with TMJD also suffer from headaches. Treatment for this condition is based on specific findings after a thorough assessment. In addition to directly treating the TMJ, often treatment for the neck and upper back are necessary, as these areas affect forces across and position of the jaw. Even after only a few treatment sessions and with the correct home program in place, most people report notable improvements in symptoms. 


IMS or Acupuncture needling can be a part of physiotherapy treatment that is helpful in many cases, as are manual therapy, education, and exercises. Coordination between physiotherapist and dentist or ENT doctor is important to ensure interventions are complimenting each other and achieving best results without any important factors being missed. I will keep your dentist informed of your treatment and progress.

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