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Shoulder injuries were my first area of interest upon becoming certified as a physiotherapist in 2013. I have pursued extensive advanced shoulder rehabilitation courses over the 11 years since then, and continue to enjoy working with people with shoulder injuries to help restore function and return to their usual activities and sports. My first major injury was a collar bone fracture from a ski fall, which then affected my horseback riding, swimming, piano playing, schoolwork, sleep, eating... so I get it, we need our shoulders for everything!  


The shoulder girdle is a complex region, and requires a thorough assessment of many areas, including the back, neck, scapula, chest, and of course the shoulder and arm. Thorough is my middle name! (Not really, but it's a compliment I get frequently from people I get to work with). Having worked on shoulders as a favourite area from early in my career, I have helped hundreds of people with shoulder injuries and will advise you on what is normal or abnormal, and exactly what we need to work on for you to recover with physiotherapy treatment. 

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