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  • “Most of us have enough areas of our lives where we have to meet others’ expectations. Let your running be about your own hopes and dreams.” – Meb Keflezighi

Being outside on a cruisy run is often my favourite part of the day, and it's definitely an essential part of my health and well-being, so I can relate to the many reasons it's terrible to have an injury. That contributes to why I take running injuries seriously, which doesn't mean we can't have great fun figuring out what is going wrong and implementing the strategies to right it! If you are unable to run currently or if your enjoyment or performance in running are being thwarted due to injury, I want to get you back to the place you need to be for participation and competition almost as much as you do! I will help you uncover all the why's so you can work towards recovery from the what. 


Since 2016 running has been a primary area in my physiotherapy practice and I have continuously pursued further training in running analysis, injury diagnosis and rehabilitation, bone stress injuries, tendinopathies, training program development, running specific assessments, and performance goal setting. Running injuries are unlike abrupt/ traumatic sports injuries and require a different approach to rehabilitation. Whether you run recreationally or competitively, you deserve a physiotherapist who knows running: biomechanics, gait analysis, training programs, injuries, rehabilitation start to finish, cross-training, surfaces, footwear, and how this all integrates with other important aspects to training.


Because this is all familiar territory to me, in my physiotherapy practice with runners, continuing education coursework, and in my own running life, you can trust that you will get my complete interest and attention to your injury and goals, as well as evidence based strategies to guide your recovery. 

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