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Go Play Outside


"My business is your fun, adventurous, athletic life!"

I have worked as an orthopaedic and sport focussed physiotherapist for the active adult population since 2013, including at some of the best sports clinics in Calgary, Alberta since moving here in 2016. I aspire to offer a uniquely thorough approach to assist people with recovering from injury or achieving their performance goals, which I am able to provide at Trajan Physiotherapy, in part, due to longer one-on-one appointment times, which are available at my Northwest Calgary, Mount Pleasant clinic. I want each person to know and experience that my whole attention during an appointment is on you, where you have been with an injury, and where you are aspiring to go! I continue to contract physiotherapy services at The Downtown Sports Clinics - Bow Valley Square in downtown Calgary where I have immensely enjoyed working with an athletic downtown crowd since 2018. 

Exceptional patient care is my driving motto, and that focus has allowed me to build a fulfilling and successful career in the areas of practice that interest me most; generally speaking, working with people who desire to remain active into the oldest possible ages, or who are looking for the guidance and tools to return to their favourite activities and sports! 

My approach to treatment for every person and injury is unique. After an initial physiotherapy assessment, you and I will discuss and agree on the direction to take your treatment plan based on assessment findings, your goals, your starting point, and your preferences. We will re-evaluate along the way. We would not select a treatment style that has not provided benefits for you or that has caused a negative experience in the past, nor would we stick to treatment options that were not providing the great results we are expecting.

Treatment Techniques Used: 

Education: Anatomy, Diagnosis, Activity Modification

Exercise Prescription / Home Exercises Programs

Running Analysis

Gait Analysis

Running Training Plans

Gunn IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation/ Dry Needling) 

Ergonomic Assessment

 Posture Training 

Balance / Proprioceptive Training

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilizations 

Nervous System Desensitization

Breath Training


Soft Tissue Release

NMES (electrical stimulation, for muscle training) 

TENS (electrical stimulation, for pain) 

Conditioning Programs

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