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Your central Calgary physiotherapist to support your active life!

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Grounded by a decade of experience, my physiotherapy practice continues to evolve as I continually take additional training, collaborate with colleagues, and immerse myself in emerging evidence. Excellent and engaging care is the perpetual cornerstone of my work. I am committed to assisting people to achieve their activity goals and best outcomes and quality of life through physiotherapy, as well as helping people access other areas in the medical system as needed. I am continually impressed by the ability of bodies to adapt to stresses and recover from injuries. How incredible is our human anatomy? I aspire to show and inspire you! The most rewarding part of my work is turning frustration and doubt into success and confidence; a natural outcome of experiencing great progress and lasting results from being guided on the right treatment plan!  


l was raised in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island in the middle of three sporty and musical siblings and two medical professional parents. My activities varied from track and field, swimming, soccer, and horseback riding, to piano and musical theatre. I went on to be semi-studious at University of Victoria, before spending a ski/bike year in Colorado, and then returned north to be very studious at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton), and Western University, London, Ontario. I moved back west to Victoria for my first 3 years as a physiotherapist in 2013-16, and along with my husband, made the excellent decision to make Calgary our home-base in the fall of 2016. We love this city and are particularly hooked on the outdoor recreation - of the many places I have been lucky to live, Calgary is 2nd to none for my 3 favourite activities: Running, skiing, and mountain biking.


One reason that I love being a physiotherapist is that I get to help YOU continue to enjoy the sports and active lifestyle that YOU love. If you have been sidelined from your favourite activities, book an assessment or a call with me! I will love to hear your story and discuss how physiotherapy can help.


Click the links below to book an assessment, learn more about my areas of special interest, or to get in touch! 

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"Caroline Trajan has been a life saver. A few months ago I suffered a hip and back injury which prevented me from running. Caroline expertly worked with me to identify potential issues, and then assigned a combination of treatments including: at-home exercises, a recovery running program and dry needling to get me back on the track. She was also readily available between physio sessions via email to answer any questions that I had. After a few weeks I was back on my feet, and since then I've worked back up to training for my next race! I highly recommend Caroline's services for all the runners who need to work through those annoying injuries which can knock us off our feet. Thanks Caroline!"


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